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Do you know the feeling of investing a lot of time into watching a show, bonding with the lead characters and the suspense of waiting for the next season after the previous season's cliffhanger finale... Only to realise the show was cancelled, leaving every fan with an unfinished series in their heart.

We try to maintain a public database of all cancelled shows, especially those ending in cliffhangers. This way you can check wether or not the show you're about to watch actually has an ending, and wasn't cancelled on a major cliffhanger. We are not exclusively listing shows and series that have been cancelled or finished on a cliffhanger, but this is our primary focus. Offcourse, if you are a fan of a show, and you want the world to know your favorite show had a gracefull ending after a long run, you are completely free to add it to our database aswell... Give some piece of mind to newly interested people :)

If you like this site: please create an account and contribute, only with joined forces will we ever be able to catalog the constant influx of stopped, pauzed and cancelled shows!

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